What happens after you identify the area of concern in your business?

Planning isn't a process that comes easily to everyone and can be especially difficult in small to medium businesses where resources are limited. It's important to get some guidance but can also be a large expense if you are needing to look outside of your team. 
At fourpointfive we want to help your business grow by helping you craft clear and concise action plans while teaching you how to build them for yourself in the future.
You will find a lot of information available for free on our website that we hope you will take advantage of. If you have any specific queries or needs please just reach out.

Get the right tools that work for you.

Surround yourself with systems and software that produce the right results.

Even if you can figure out what you need to do to build efficiencies, or improve a businesses approach to how you operate, it can be difficult to figure out the best tools to get that done and find the right support during implementation.

We can support you through finding or developing the right tools and support while you implement them.

fourpointfive Services

Implementation Planning

Planning, Consultation and Support

Reading through articles and blogs can be great for some generic information and to help you make progress in your business but sometimes you need to ask a specific question or prefer a one on one approach. We are happy to support clients in a multitude of ways including planning support, coaching and change management.

Leadership Training

Prefer to upskill your team and develop plans in house? We can provide customisable training sessions to build the skills and confidence of your team how to identify concerns and craft strong action plans.